Anita Furzey left the Guild a substantial legacy in her will in 2022 and her aims and objectives were for the Guild to have the best possible speakers, purchase new equipment and support its members with bursaries. The Committee and Trustees of our charity agreed that a certain amount of money each year would be put aside for bursaries. Initially this will be the sum of £1,000. Any members who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in a Guild subject area may apply for a bursary. The bursary may be for a course, workshop or event.

Annually there will be a cap of £250 per person and applying for a further bursary would not be allowed in the following calendar year. In return, it would be expected that the receiver of the bursary would give a short talk or demonstration about how the course, workshop or event had impacted on your skill set.

If you wish to submit a bid for a bursary there is a form to complete and is available from the treasurer or can be downloaded from our website dorsetguildwsd.org.uk

Please complete the form in as much detail as possible. The completed form must be returned to the Chairperson either by hand or electronically, prior to the course, workshop or event. The Chairperson will
countersign the application. Your application will then be reviewed by the Committee and Trustees of our charity and their decision will be communicated to you, the applicant, by the Treasurer as soon as possible.

Guild Committee and Trustees
February 2024